Our Social Media experiment for Argentina's Bicentennial

Last days were special in Argentina. We commemorated the 200th anniversary of the May Revolution, a sequence of historial events that initiated our history as an independent country. Lots of celebrations took place in our country, specially in Buenos Aires, from May 21 until May 25. As part of this celebrations, different venues in the heart of the city were established as a meeting point to discover a piece of our history. Moreover, the historical Teatro Colón (one of the best opera houses in the world) was reopened after years or hard work of refurbishment.

At Zauber we wanted to be part of this celebration and, as we did last year for the national elections, we thought of a tiny experiment of technology applied to Social Media to commemorate the Bicentennial.

What we did

  • We added the designated venues at Foursquare with tips and to-dos about the events taking place each day.
  • We created a Twitter account @BicentenarioAR and automated its behavior from May 21 to May 25 to deliver short pieces of information in 140 chars about different subjects of our history. We aimed to spread through Twitter a bit of our history and revive those historical events of the May Revolution 200 years later.
  • Historical tips and messages were delivered to twitter users tweeting about the Bicentennial in our region and to Foursquare users sharing their check-ins in our venues through Twitter.
  • Every day a different set of messages was planned to be sent, according to what happened on that historical day 200 years ago.
  • Historical facts about the Teatro Colón were delivered to those twitter users mentioning this opera house during these days.
  • Scheduled reminders and tweets were sent from @BicentenarioAR 30 minutes before each event was planned to start.
  • We deployed a simple wesbite to promote our idea together with a real-time stream of tweets mentioning the Bicentennial.

How we did it ?

We came up with this idea on late Thursday May 20 and we had it online on Friday afternoon May 21. We applied some new platforms we are developing to create social media campaigns on Twitter and configured 20 different automated campaigns and almost 90 scheduled tweets that would be running on Twitter until May 26. We wanted to experiment news ways of engaging with users and some cool technology we are building. And we wanted at the same time to feel we were part of this celebration and revive the history of our Nation.

The results

  • 546 followers for @BicentenarioAR (started with zero on May 21)
  • 187 mentions for @BicentenarioAR (see examples of replies here)
  • 720 historical messages delivered to twitter users (see examples here and here)
  • 1093 followed users
  • 2890 tweets processed
  • 90 scheduled tweets sent (see example here)
  • Average CTR for links included in messages was 95% (we provided short-links for further information on Wikipedia and Teatro Colón websites)

We are really happy with our tiny experiment, considering the short time we had to build it and the nice feedback and comments we received from Twitter users. Thank you to everyone who joined us.

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